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Are you still missing a specific something to be appointed to a professorship? No problems. You’ll find the contact details of important contact persons at the respective universities of applied sciences right here. They’ll be very happy to help you on your way to your professorship.

Are you still looking for the right contact? Then have another look in the near future. Our list of contacts is continually updated and expanded.


Helpful information on the professorship

We have compiled the most important facts and figures regarding a “HAW” professorship for you right here. From admission requirements, further opportunities and other options on your way to a professorship, you’ll find all relevant information here, at a single glance.

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Everything you need to know about the universities of applied sciences (“HAWs”)

Here, you’ll find out what makes the universities of applied sciences so important, what areas of focus there are, and why working at a university of applied science makes such good sense.

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“FH-Personal” Funding Programs

A special Federal-State Government Program (“Bund-Länder-Programm”) entitled “FH-Personal” supports some 98 German universities of applied sciences in promoting new ways of recruiting and qualifying up-and-coming professors. Many of them offer tandem programs for gaining work experience, or support individuals in gaining teaching experience, for example. Detailed information on the programs is available on its online portal.

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